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The reason why I haven’t blogged for quite a while was because of the accident I encountered a week ago. What I missed here for a week was spent for recovery. All I did was eat, sleep, play DOTA, and read for almost a threefold cycle in a day.

THE ACCIDENT. It was around 6am. I was driving a motorbike and was about to turn left when suddenly another motorbike lunged onward to give me a head blow and cause a collision at the middle of the road. I would rather call it luck after I found out that the collision didn’t send me flying to the ground. I was still mounted on the motorbike then, parked and whined over the pain vibrating on my head. The guy who crashed to me was at a standstill, held his hand on his head musing over the pain that was brought about by the powerful smash. I wasn’t sure of what exactly occurred, all I knew by then was that my skull was cracking in pain. I looked under the bike if something was damaged. Much to my surprise, it wasn’t only the bike’s side shield that concerned me, my left foot was bleeding intensely.

I didn’t feel the injury until I saw the blood gushing out hard. I sat by the walkway when two people came by to help. I looked for the guy who hit me. Not much of an injury seemed to have disturbed him. He got up and drove away after pausing for a moment to see the damage he did. I was brought to the hospital after, and the rest was the recovery period.

I received three stitches and a persistent headache. The headache disturbed me so badly that the doctor sent me for a CT scan to assure if something cracked or what. My foot and my chest were also sent for an X-ray. The results were quick. Everything was negative. The doctor told me though that recovery might really take quite some time. I was admitted in the hospital for a day. Thanks to my spiritual family. They stayed with me throughout my hospital stay.

I don’t know what happened to the guy who was also at fault for the accident. He just ran away and I don’t care even when he did not. No police was involved since it was early morning. My aunt attempted to report it to the police....but I insisted to let things stay as it was since I don’t have a license to present in case they would ask for it during the investigation.

Now God saved me. The aftermath of it is annoying though: I can’t go out, I can’t hang out, I can’t eat out, and worse, I can’t walk well. The headache persisted for about 2 days. I couldn’t eat well. For days, I’ve been using crutches. Using it is rather distressing than helpful since it’s also leading my arms to strain. As of now, I can walk with my left toes on support with the sharp pain on the stitched site. With eating, I’m undisturbed. The doctor estimated a 2 week recovery period until I can move well.

About school, I haven’t missed anything except the intramurals. I don’t care if I wasn’t around the required games I was supposed to watch. The accident kinda saved me for that part. Running along with every required game is tiring. My excuse is definitely valid so I’m not due for any compensation. Classes resume on Tuesday and I hope I can go through my schedule with one more week to meet nearly full recovery.

I’ve almost forgotten the incident. All I want now is to recover quickly and to get rid of motorbikes. =P Sadly, my ninja tricks didn’t save from the accident.

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