Being a vampire must be cool

7:41 AM

Your scent is like a drug to me.
You're like my own personal brand of heroin.

When I heard that line, I couldn't stop thinking about Edward being a drug addict before he became a vampire --there must be a prequel to Twilight, haha.

So I watched TWILIGHT last night--alone and unattended since most people I invited already got a bite of it. Anyway, the movie was so good. Haha, that's because I can't get enough of thinking about how cool vampires could be...noh? Haha. The Cullens are cool and friendly vampires ---and not to mention---vegetarians. Yeah right, I haven't read the book and I know that 2 hours of staring at Bella isn't enough to compress 500 pages of the book (and I won't bother reading it). The movie didn't set the details that much I guess, because as I was scrutinizing into it, Bella's infatuation was in a haste to declare her faith over vampires and tell Edward straight to his pale face --- "I'm not afraid of you" -- that was after looking through prophase, metaphase, and anaphase.

These are what I've learned about vampires after watching the movie: they got mind reading voodos, futuristic visions, inhuman speed, super monkey reflexes, and they can push a rushing van away from a helpless, clumsy girl. The cinematography was good so far, though the transitions were likely Harry Potter - bookish in appeal and a lot of shortcuts (what do you expect??).

Being uninterested to flip the pages of its book, the movie was pretty comprehensible: Edward blabbering about his vampire myth, & Bella narrating her unexplainable, irrevocable infatuation over a vampire. Kristen Stewart (Bella) looked adorable in every scene, and the camera can't just loose track of her. The girls somehow scream in view of Robert Pattinson, not because he was vampire, but he was a guy with a pretty adorable pale face ---weird, but that must how vampires should look like. The soundtracks were cool and suitable to stir up a watcher in every scene.

---I love this movie because it showed me the different side of being a vampire--haha--being a vegetarian.

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