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Crutch is a special medical tool used to aid people in walking. I'm currently using one. To tell you, it's not easy to be aided with this kind of support. Even when it's temporal, it will more likely strain your arms after you regain the strength to walk without it. More or so, it's really difficult to be aided with it. Other than looking lame and helpless, it makes you walk a 100-m for 10 minutes. And don't forget the stairs.

My condition seemed to have perfected my ambulation skills. But with the injury, crutching is slowing me down even. Today, I'm trying to walk around without it. It's still difficult. Somehow without it, I don't look helpless and lame. Ha, I hate this condition. Recuperating is taking long and I'm getting impatient. Limping is horrible. This condition's somehow convicted me not to ride motorbikes again, not to get involved with accident, and not to get worse injuries to keep me limping and crutching.

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