Hepatitis A

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Hepatitis A is a food-borne disease and you should be careful of its widespread- especially when not used to eating home-cooked meals. A lot of people I know have acquired the disease after eating in fastfoods here in Dumaguete. I was never wary about it before not until I received successive reports of Hepatitis A cases. We are fond of hopping from one fast food to another unmindful of the sanitation in their food preparations.

I don't know how to cook so I rely on food prepared elsewhere. I rarely go to fastfood chains because of too much oil. Rather, I usually go to local restaurants and fastfoods here in Dumaguete where food sanitation could be greatly trusted.

Somehow, even when you're used to dining yourself in the same fastfood, it's still possible to acquire Hepa A from there. There are a lot of factors that could lead one to acquire it, and it's not just enough to blame the restaurants. It's safer though to at least dine in a restaurant/fastfood you think you can trust reducing you from the risk of acquiring Hepa A.

Hepa A is a serious illness that might bring anyone to horrible complications. Most of us only take action when we acquire the disease after recklessly choosing over poorly sanitized meals. The solution to getting rid of it is the same solution to getting rid of other diseases and that's to boost your immune system. Eat vegetables, fruits, hydrate yourself with H2O well, exercise, and get enough rest; prioritize your activities and balance your schedule.

Student nurses like us get a hard time to strictly follow such regimen. But somehow, we try as much as possible for the sake of not endangering ourselves to such threatening diseases. That's why in health, it's always taught that promotion of health is better than preventing diseases. You would likely fall with the latter when you rid yourself from the former.

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