I am wasting my holidays

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I believe that facing the computer all day is such a waste of time. What else can I do anyway? I can't contact my high school mates because they seem so far away, my best friend's out of reach, my other best friend's clueless, and there seems nowhere else to go within this crappy city. Somehow since yesterday, I managed to abstain from logging in to every active accounts I have online, stood at my laptop and finished Prison Break 4 to its latest episode. Nah, seems like I've wasted a lot of time since my plan was really to stroll around somewhere far away than staying at home and get lazy.

I wake up, go to the bathroom, eat, face the computer---the cycle I do for almost a threefold in a day. I have gone out a few times knowing that I would just end up eating at Mcdo or at Mister Donuts--still the same old boring habit that makes me fatter.

So today, I've listed a few things I should accomplish before my holidays melt and bring me back to a stressful life.

1.) I have to make my case book so that I'll have nothing to worry by January.
2.) I'll have to learn a lot of Nihonggo before my tutorial with my sensei resumes...we'll be talking in Nihonggo all throughout the session
3.) I will hang out with my childhood buddies and play DOTA with them hehe
4.) I will download Audition
5.) I will finish Eragon
6.) I will make a lesson plan for my upcoming tutorial sessions with the Korean guy I met (he has to pay of course nyahaha)

I can't think of anything else but those for now. I'm planning to accomplish or start off everything of it before the strike of 2009.


PUSANG-gala said...

hmmmm---not a waste of time kung me saysay ang pinag-oopen mo n site---the internet is a rich source of information ---but a great sorce of rubbish things too. just be selective.

PUSANG-gala said...

hmmmm----anupaman---sana ay maganda ang pasok ng taon sa atin dito sa Pinas. we have to brace ourselves and prepare ahead.....

the donG said...

i just discovered your blog thru pusang gala. hahaha... this list reminds me of my own list of things-to-do-before-2009. i should be rushing by now.

Vincent Bautista said...

If you think you've wasted your holiday? Well I did worst! My parents went to a new year's party but I didn't want to go. I was invited to a New Year's party by a friend but didn't go. I sat alone as new year came, so sad and so lame hehehe. I should get a life hahaha!

I didn't want to go anywhere cause I didn't want to spend money and the winter weather isn't helping either.

Anyway you should really watch Eragon! it's one of the best movies I've ever watched! ^_^