Ninja Update

1:22 AM

Been lost for a while. Was not busy because of Christmas preps, in fact I was always online. I just got lazy to log in and key some blah blahs.

Hey, a few hours from now it's Christmas! Yeah yeah we had our vacation since Dec. 19, I arrived home Dec. 22, and a series of bombing events is happening somewhere near our place. So who says Christmas should be solemn and silent?

Few things I want to say though what Christmas is not all about:

1.) It's not about Santa giving gifts.
2.) It's not about Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
3.) It's not about you seeing your mommy kissing Santa Claus
4.) It's not about the three kings following a star
5.) It's not about snow and snowmen
6.) It's not about noche buena and simbang gabi
7.) It's not about caroling to earn
8.) It's not about manito/manita
9.) It's not about tikoy, mamon, and monay
10.) It's not about the Christmas tree

Christmas has gone a lot of misconceptions all throughout its yearly celebration.
But I hope, everybody should realize, that those gifts, those food, those blessings, the family united, and even Santa Claus and the snowmen wouldn't exist if not because of the main reason why we celebrate it.

Somehow, we made our culture run the way we celebrate Christmas

Remember.. it's CHRISTmas. It's a celebration that more than 2,000 years ago, a Savior was born to save us, a celebration of God's love coming in flesh, a celebration of the unworthy grace He gives us everyday, a celebration of His love, a celebration of life, a celebration of Christ. That's why it's Christmas and not Clausmas.

A few hours from now, fireworks will be lit and noche buena will be served. Perhaps some of us are also excited about what's inside the wrapped boxes. It's good to see everything fine with Christmas, and it's great to celebrate Christmas with the host inside our hearts, Jesus Christ.

May the joy and peace of Christmas be with you all.


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