Too Beautiful to Lie

5:53 AM

I started watching Korean stuffs way back in high school. Pero dili pirmi. Shawn just lent me a DVD of a Korean comedy na naay sabit. Pero grabe dyud kaayo to ka kataw-unon! Kato ra pud ug ang part 2 ato. Lingaw. Anyhow, nilantaw na pud kog Koreanish movie balik last week. Korean movies are quite unique. Their punchlines are good and the actors are awesome. Sa kanindut sa ilahang plot and storyline, ginaawat na lang usahay ilahang mga plots sa Hollywood, labaw na sa Filipino show business!

I got this DVD from George when we were working over the "Highlights" video a week ago. Giplay niya ang HE WAS COOL na movie..and it was totally cool. The plot was nice, everything was rightly done. I borrowed it from him to see the rest of that 9 in 1 DVD. Lingaw lingaw na lang wa may lingaw.

TOO BEAUTIFUL TO LIE was exceptionally hilarious! Every scene went very unpredictable. And it was much better than HE WAS COOL, layo ra galing tingali. kataw.unon kaayo, unique pa gyud ang story..unlike the corny Filipino movies na makalagot kaayo ang plot, awat-awat, hahahaha. Kang-dong-won, the lead actor surely did an awesome job in his acting, and the girl was really pretty convincing, and too beautiful to lie.

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