Twilight Philippines

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Bawang, barbel, yoyo, lobo, serena, kuba, at ngayon bampira! Anak ni Janice!!!!!! Is this how mediocre Filipino movies have become???? (Char, kahilas!)

Brace yourselves, for you are about to see TAKIPSILIM! BWAHAHAHAHA

Voila. Sikat talaga ang pinoy = sa puso't diwa, pinoy na isinilang na gaya-gaya. Huhu pinoy pa naman ako! Bakit ganito!!! Such a cruel world, haha.


liza said...

Hopping in to wish you and yours LOVE, JOY and PEACE this holiday season. Merry Christmas!!!

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shimumsy said...

maligayang pasko sa iyo.

dru said... this for real? i mean, OH my gosh, even the picture they copied. oh nose, whats with the Philippine movie industry is happening. It makes me a reason not to be proud a filipino(joke lang, nagyaya lang q), just kidding hehehehe

Pinoy Contests said...

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chai-chai said...

my heart aches for the filipino people-----i wonder how jose rizal would react to his.

i can hear his voice right now,
"masahol pa sa malansang isda".


pen said...

nakakainit ng ulo. period.