Why The Day The Earth Stood Still

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Can humans really change? Is humanity worth saving?

Why 'The Day The Earth Stood Still'?

A spaceship lands planet Earth and comes in a representative from the alien race, Klaatu, steps out to tell everyone that he's come to save the world --- without the human race in it.

Basically, it's one of those predictive apocalyptic movies that involves the outer space and aliens again. So as not to screw the movie with the same idea, it has come up to a modernized Noah's ark concept: preserve the Earth, erase humanity.

Let's do the S-C-A-M

Story- The movie's a remake of the 1951 version. It was way too historic and I believe the remake's at least improved so there's no time to dig up its remains. The alien Klaatu comes to save the Earth because humans are way too filthy destructive to it, and the solution was wipe out the human race so the Earth survives. A lady intercedes and tries to convince the alien.

The plot was narrow as I expected it. What the audience usually expects with this kind of movie is the thrill of how the characters escape mayhem and cheat apocalypse. But then all it came up with was Klaatu's impending decision whether or not to see the UN and announce that the Earth's dying and to save it is for the inhabitants to die. At first, you would actually want to understand what those mystical spheres are for, but then you would end up hating the kid later for bringing trouble over Klaatu just because he's being alien.

Cinematography-Remakes are always almost perfect than the old ones in terms of the special effects. This movie seems to have its share of excellent cinematography despite its poor plot delivery.

Acting- Nothing much to be impressed, the same plain acting that needed the basic expressions a schooler can portray. When they're scared they look scared, when they're sad they cry, and when you're an alien you won't attempt to smile. Everyone moved at a reasonable cost. But when you think you'll die in front of the camera, there's really no need for you to be silly and just wait for the threat to smash you alive.

Music-One that crawls into your skin is the music of something apocalyptic forthcoming. When THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL came, the orchestra preludes. The music stops when the alien reaches its hand to attempt a handshake ---and then a bullet strikes its chest---the noise goes on. So far, so good, you won't really care about how the music would go unless it goes retro. All you would really care is sit back and find out why THE EARTH STOOD STILL and why it would move back to spin at its axis and resume the human life.


The movie has somehow indicated a lesson to ponder upon -- humans got to have the will to change before everything ends the wrong time --- isn't that such a fairy tale? Haha. The reason why I watched it was to find out the reason why THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL. True enough I found out the reason, but I still went out to sigh in discontentment after realizing that I wasted my money. As for me, I really won't recommend the movie to anyone who deems to watch a city blown or the characters chased by weird lifeforms since it's THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL. All you need to have is patience and a good listening skill to find out why aliens have to forgive humans, change their mind, and postpone the slaughter.

So I'd rate this movie 7/10.

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