14 degrees and falling

3:26 PM

It's been a week already since icy mornings meet me at my door post. There's not a rain outside nor a forthcoming storm. People I ask just say it's the polar shift, not even able to explain what it's all about but rather blabber that my icy mornings are caused by those polar shifts so on and so forth.

People are wearing jackets everywhere. It's 14 degrees and falling. In Northern Mindanao, the usual temperature range of 24-29C stills in 22C. In Manila, it's 16C. Somehow, it's happening all over. Finally, our history teacher who was quite acquainted with geography told us that it's because of the cold front meeting the warm front. Wahhh, whatever it means it could be why people around here shiver with the wintry feeling in what used to be a humid city. Yesterday, I was thinking of the scenes in "The Day After Tomorrow", imagining how the waves would crash through the boulevard and drown the city to its end. Crazy. But I like the wintry feeling though.

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