Back in Dumaguete

1:38 PM

January 3: I was on my last day in Ozamiz; prepared everything and bought the things I'd be needing later in Dumaguete, spent my last day with Clyton trying to beat him in DOTA, ate out with him, had a long chat with Nica, then watched my first movie of the year, the Korean "MY GIRL AND I".

January 4: Was on a terrible trip back to Dumaguete: we didn't get the best seats and the airconditioner was busted. Anyway, I had the best dinner when I arrived: Naoki treated me at Why Not with Kana. I forgot to bring my cam. It was my first time in that lavish dining. We ordered a lot and ate everything. The menu was outrageous - the prices were expensive, but the taste was totally worth it. MWAHHH! So if you get here in Dumaguete, never miss a dine at WHY NOT. Played DOTA with Naoki after then hit the sack.


Students resuming their classes have a common thing in mind : going to school is tiring and holidays should be extended.

I met with my recent tutee, John, today and had a session with him. As far as I can tell, John is the smartest Korean I've ever tutored. He's a fast learner with a sense of humor -- and he smiles a lot haha, so I never get lost with him. Also, my former tutee Kangsan introduced me to another Korean tutee, Byul. She's 18 and pretty ^_^. So with these 2 I got as tutees this year, I'm assured my paydays will be happy and gay ever haha.

Dumaguete it is: a place of sleepless nights, stressful routines, and luscious dining. I'm sure the remaining three months of this school year will be tiring. But I believe everything will turn out fine. ^_^

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