Bla, bla, bla - I am so tired

4:19 AM

I feel so tortured for our first week of class this year.
Never ending paper works again, bla bla bla.
Hospital duties bla bla bla.

There's got to be some hours for fun this week but I think it's just impossible to force it in. The things we missed last year in class bring us into a lot of compensation this week. A lot of bla bla bla to finish before this month ends.


Anyway, my roommate's just learned one of my many my ninja skills.

Sobrang natatae na ako't nalock pa ang CR. I did the same thing two days ago. Wala na kong maisip so I did my ninja voodoos and came up with the idea. I asked my roommate to do it kasi nagpaka-ninja na ako 2 days at 4am makapasok lang ng CR. Ewan ko ba kung may tiyanak na naglalock ng CR o ano. At least natuto ang roommate ko magpaka-ninja. That time, natatae rin ako at tingin ko automatic siya naglalock pag natatae ako. ^_^

Anyway, the ninja will be away for quite a while and will be back next week. ^_^

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