A Cell Phone Review

4:55 AM

I think I'm quite obssessed with my chipipay phone. ^_^ Girlfriend ko na siya! Haha. Naku pano na lang kaya pag DSLR na meron sakin, baka mag-quit nako sa Nursing, haha.

I'm back as early as expected ^_^ No more duties and paper works so I think I can drop by for some posts.


The Cell Phone

The price of it is really worth it. Other than the texts and calls I make through my phone, it's a handy stuff to break a dull air off with its mp3 player application. And even if you have a hundred of mp3s shuffled the whole day, the battery's still on to last for at least 2 days.

The SD card is not included in the package. A 2GB SD card only costs around 400-500PHP which makes the phone+SD card to be 2100-2200PHP. I got my SD card for 490PHP only at CELLWORKS DIGITAL.

So far, my phone hasn't been dumped or thrown yet since it's functionality is really great for me. Even when the mp3 is on, the text application doesn't hang and the inputs aren't delayed. Some other applications like RADIO, WORLD WATCH, HEALTH WATCH, LENGTH, WEIGHT, & MONEY CONVERTER and even an EBOOK READER are inclusive applications of the phone. Its loudspeaker is also of great quality.

I bought the phone at GLOBE TELECOM in Ozamiz. It should be available in any Globe outlet as well. ^_^

So for those who just lost or broke their phone, I strongly suggest a replacement of something cheap and worth it like the phone I got. I'm not sure of its unit name, but the price might vary from 1,700-1800 in some stores. Basta I bought mine at GLOBE TELECOM for 1,700PHP.


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