New Year | New Phone

Saturday, January 03, 2009

ANOTHER NEW PHONE! And I hope the next one will be 3 years from now.

I broke my Motorolla E318 a year ago, lost my N1200 last summer, and just a week ago my other Motorolla broke . It's funny how I get to be so reckless with cellphones. Back then I smashed my N3310 goodbye and unknowingly lost my Ngage after it slipped out my pants. The latter was the best cellphone I had and I would have never bothered replacing it if it weren't lost. So now, I'm down to my cheapest choice on phones.

This new one I got costs 1700. It's a new brand from China they call my|phone. I'm not sure how long this would last though but with the cheap price it's enough, as long as I could text, call, and receive announcements from school I shouldn't be missing. It can play mp3s and videos if I can provide a memory card for it. I was also thinking that cheap phones have quick text and call options than those with too much multimedia features and all the blah blahs--so this should be good for me. =P

I know eventually I'll get to torture this one if I get disppointed --or if gets a little dysfunctional -- or when I think it's running slow when I'm in a terrible hurry ---that was how I broke my Razor anyway -- smashing it to death for its terrible functionality hahaha!


Allen Yuarata said...

you should be a bit careful with your phone judging by the number of cellphones you have lost and broken. haha.

myphone, that's the locally distributed phone right? and i heard it has dual-sim capability.

alex said...

how's the phone so far???

Lurchie said...

hey.. :)

sure? 1700? sure??

PUSANG-gala said...

what better way to start the new year than with a new phone---it's very importat coz it is a communication walang di nadadala sa mabuting usapan diba?

Wendy said...

my hubby has the same phone. Ok naman so far. He likes it because of the MP3 player. oo nga pala just recently nasira ung usb haha! papapalitan daw nya sa sun cell. dun kasi nya nakuha!

hello sendo =)

thanks for dropping by sa Nurturing Nigel! pag pray mo namang manganak na ko hehehe

sendzki said...

@wendy - hehe , also can't leave without it because of the mp3 hehe . ^_^ nasusulitan talaga ako sa phone na to!