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I'm sitting comfy in a coffee shop right now, tired from a day I never deemed to exist. I just wanted to untwist of what has stressed this mind today.

I was at the hospital earlier this afternoon---hospital, hospital hospital---a place where a ninja shouldn't be. What was good with today's duty anyhow was that we only had it for 5 hours instead of the usual 8 hours. Even though it was shortened, my body still felt the same load it gets after an 8-hour shift. I don't know, but last night's sleep wasn't that restful which must justify the fact that I feel sluggish and enervated so far.

30 minutes and I'm off to another session with John. He's really learning fast and I really am not having any problems with him. John's really a nice guy, I never saw him frown ever. I somehow spent my scanty slumber at his house last night. We watched some silly shows and finally slept at 2. We always laugh at corny jokes and we enjoy sharing our shortened tales one way or another. Hahay. It's because it's always him I see at the end of the day. After the tutorial, we eat out and stroll elsewhere together with Jane and Hupa.

Wahhh, this week's schedule is really crazy. The craziness started since Monday. I really am not used to scribbling timetables and crisscrossing them when done. Rather I'd admit I'm utterly a slowpoke. But then again, this week hasn't hindered me to make an attempt of keeping a list of THINGS-TO-DO bla, bla. I'm glad I haven't skipped an agenda so far. While getting NURSE-Y with all the college's arduous mandates like it's Martial Law 2009, I'm also hectic with my sideline as an English tutor to seemingly helpless Koreans (but they're adorable and I like them).

Ever since 2 weeks ago when Living Cafe closed and dear Korean acquaintances waned like rust, I've somehow settled my butt to knowing more and more of their likes here at Noriter Cafe. Though I wake up and manage a nightmare at our college, I somehow get to see a little light at Noriter getting vertigo with Korean semantics. Ahhh, sometimes being surrounded by Koreans make my smile shrink eventually. But I just love chuckling at their accent---and of course to their interesting narratives as well. Koreans are lovely as far as I can tell. I learned to smile always from John, some stupidity from Won Young, share hysterics with Crystal, feel proud beside a famous Korean comic artist, learned from J.K that Vista works best with 2GB RAM, experienced near death with Byul, envy Min Young for traveling 40 countries, and....well it's generally about NORITER and I love the place, the coffee, and the people.

This is how I've unwinded myself for 2 weeks now. I get tortured at school, and the naturally-regenerating environ of Noriter Cafe helps me go on for another day of torment and nursing. ^_^

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