Mr. and Ms. International

Friday, February 27, 2009

We were present during Silliman University's Mr. and Ms. International 2009. The show was totally lousy and chaotic: frustrating dead airs, inexperienced emcees, drudging intermissions, and the ancient technical difficulties. The least reasons that glued us 'till the end of the show were Mr. and Ms. Korea. Jonathan really looked funny when he's serious, I couldn't stop laughing. His solo performance was good though. He's impressed us with his stints back at the karaoke bar, so what just surprised us on his performance was his moxie on percussions. Sun Mi as Ms. Korea was stunningly gorgeous. She won as Ms. International, a d Jonathan ended scratching his head and rubbing his eyes during the question and answer portion. Well Mr. China deserved the title as Mr. International. In a non-gay way, he was handsome and affable enough in front of the crowd. Ms. Belgium was gorgeous too ^_^!!!!

In fairness, low bat ang cam ko that time and all I got were these blurry shots.

Ms. Korea!!!!!!!!!


alex said...

haha ang saya naman diyan!

congrats to ms korea

PUSANG-gala said...

akala ko ba kasama ka sa contest? anung country ka?

Elliot said...

I never thought Silliman is this cool!