Sayonara, laptop

10:04 AM

My laptop was confirmed dead today, February 19, 2009. There are ways to revive it but its cost would be equivalent to buying a new laptop, so I'd rather leave it dead and buy another one later in life, huhuhuhuu. Mahal kaya ang laptop.

What's most depressing are the files in the hard disk. The hard disk got busted as well, so there's no way to ream the files out for safekeeping. I got teary-eyed learning about it.

The technician said my laptop's hardwares got wet. He even found a small amount of water inside when they opened it. Bla bla bla, I really don't know how it happened. What I'm sure of for the moment is the reality of living without my laptop ----huhuhuhuhuhu, ako'y nagluluksa!!!!!!!!!!

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