Mr. and Ms. Southeast Asia 2009

1:30 PM

Mr. and Ms. South East Asia is an annual competition that showcases 9 countries forming the South East Asia region with its aim to, to, to... actually I don't know. This competition was just a requirement in our History class that had us spend tens of thousands gaining nothing in the end but debilitation and chaka chaka fairness recognition hahaha. But that was not my agendum. I just really wanted the show to finish greatly. Haha. Siyempre andun na kami sa stage and we spent the sparkling tens of thousands so there was no reason to spoil the show. The women were serious, and they didn't seem to be talking with each other. Kami on the other hand were laughing and shouting at the backstage, and we really had a good time confusing ourselves of what was going to happen next.

Everything went great as the limelights illimunated the manifold colors of Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The tough competition between Burma and Malaysia was I think what kept the show even more exhilarating. But all the contestants really did their best. I also had fun working with the guys. We laughed over the nerve-racking Q&A portion, and grumbled of dehydration (bat ba kasi walang tubig for the contestants!!!). We even complained of smiling for too long. Nakakapagod pala mag-smile, at mag-smile, at mag-smile, parang habangbuhay.

Anyway, I still don't have the photos. But somebody from the audience uploaded the production number on Youtube. Proud na proud siya ha at napagkamalan pa kaming galing Thailand during the introduction.

Legend: We represented Burma, kami ang unang makikita sa video, kami ang nasa kanan palagi, ang mga gintong pakpak, natanggal ang aking mahiwagang head dress, kami ang pangalawa sa introduction, palaging nasa aking balikat si Ms. Burma, at kami ang pinakamalikot gumalaw.

At, di ko pa rin alam kung bakit may Mr. and Ms. South East Asia. Ang alam ko lang 4.0 na grades namin wahahaha. But I heard, fund-raising daw yun.

Best Speaker (Male) -Mr. Burma ^_^
Best Speaker (Female) - Ms. Burma
Best in Production - Burma
Best in National Costume (Female) - Ms. Thailand
Best in National Costume (Male) - Mr. Malaysia
Best in Batique (Female) - Ms. Burma
Best in Batique (Male) - Mr. Singapore
Mr. Congeniality - Mr. Philippines
Ms. Congeniality - Ms. Cambodia
Mr. Photogenic - Mr. Brunei
Ms. Photogenic - Ms. Burma
Mr. Professionalism - Burma
Ms. Professionalism - Mr. Brunei
Best in Filipiniana (Female) - Ms. Malaysia
Best in Filipiniana (Male) - Mr. Singapore

2nd runner-up - Mr. Singapore
1st runner-up - Mr. Burma ^_^
Mr. South East Asia 2009 - Mr. Malaysia

2nd runner-up - Ms. Philippines
1st runner-up - Ms. Malaysia ^_^
Ms. South East Asia 2009 - Ms. Burma

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