The Summer List 2009

12:05 PM

I've got a few things planned up for the summer, and I hope everything gets done this time. I spent my summer last year with some friends in Manila, but it was so-so. I hope I'll have a better one this time.

I'm just two more days away to going off the deep end. Yoooohooo. I really don't want to think of what will happen during summer class but it pains me now even when it's like a dozen bedtimes away. Wahhhh, spare me dear lousy brain as these are the things I have to do, like I really, really, have to do---and really, really have to do, and really, really, really, really, really, have to do to wear off the rusts that's hoarded the entirety of my chivalric gray matter.

1.) Get wild and dive into the blues in Siquijor.
2.) Give Bacolod a warm hug and a big welcome kiss! MWAH!
3.) We'll check what's with Dakak this time.
4.) An expedition around Negros Oriental!
5.) Water rafting in Cagayan de Oro.
6.) Savor the fresh air at a Japanese Shrine in the mountains of Valencia.

Going back to building up the rust.

7.) I will be having piano lessons this summer and my father's paying for it.

8.) I'll move out to another place. We just found a very cheap apartment good enough for my new Korean housemate. He has a car, a washing machine, and some furnitures so I'll benefit from those -- but I think I'll have problems with him later.

9.) Tutorial sessions with a few Koreans I scheduled starting this April. Well this one's a good thing since I'll earn again for another expedition after the summer class, kkkkk ^_^

10.) Our summer class will be entirely on Related Learning Experience in the hospital. This means, we'll have to go on duty 3 times a week, 8-hours a day, make paper works, case presentations, ward classes, pretest, post-test, and dang awful group works.

So far so good, majority's on wearing off the rust, and the buildup will not seem to overtake, if you know what I mean. Two more days to go, and I hope...and I really, really, really hope....and really, really, really hope that I'll pass this semester before these plans hit the spot.

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