Now You See Now You Don't

2:12 AM

Just because I haven't blogged for quite a while doesn't mean I'm dead nor am I behind the times quarantined. I'm well aware of the pandemic H1N1 , that chaotic patriotism is on protests and Cha~Cha again, and that millions of Filipinos pried over Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili's careless whispers. On entertainment, I watched Wolverine and Terminator Salvation, I know how to dance Jai Ho, and I still dont enjoy watching Boys Over Flowers. All I've got my eyes with on Philippine showbiz is Krissy and Bohohohohoy in Banana Split. Though not watching the show as regularly broadcasted, I got to enjoy every single bit of its segments through Youtube. I just love them bohohohohooooth.

Concerning the course of my eccentric peculiarity, it's continually on the run and shifting ~~~ what's important is that I'm alive and kicking. My lifestyle's been READJUSTED. I have recently engaged myself on a number of disciplines to stay fit, cool, and healthy ~~~bwahaha ~~~ and while this blog was blanked, I developed a habit. I moved out into a new apartment as well & realized that I couldn't get along well with a Filipino roommate, so I convinced myself for a multi~racial abode. Presently, I'm living with Hong Kyu Ui, the angel in disguise who gave me his motorbike and shared me the comfort of living with a number of appliances. From ignoramosity, I learned how to use a washing machine, WAHAHA. He pays for my internet usage too~~ sounds abusive huh~but he's volunteered so, and it's one great package of blessings to be living with him MWAHAHA.

With my university life, my name's pending for graduation next year! I'll just have to pass the last 2 semesters, and I'm good for the board exam and abroad ~ NYAHAHA. I know it's still a long way to go, so I've got to set my last year with all discipline and determination. Got to break off NGSB this year ang pinakamasahol na tawa...BWAHAHAHAHA! cheka lang, marunong naman akong maghintay!

Indeed, I was BLOG~gone for quite an extensive while. I really enjoyed the summer this year, and it definitely is one reason why. I've started keeping a simple diary myself. While I was hands~off from blogging, I made the pen the avenue of expressions since there were just so many days to keep that would only last when written. Until now, I still haven't fully found out why I'm calling myself a ninja, but one thing's for sure, this blog ain't gonna end aimlessly. =P ^^ A toast to my comeback, kkk ^^.

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