My Coffee Facts

Friday, July 24, 2009

~I hated drinking coffees not until college ~ 2006
~the most cups of coffee I've drunk in a day is 6
~I usually drink coffee to stay awake during lengthy study periods
~I don't drink sugarless coffees ^^
~A cup of hot coffee is best during rainy days
~I haven't tried Starbucks coffees
~A cup of coffee helps me think and plan things efficiently
~I usually consume at least a can of ice coffee in a day ~ usually during nighttime
~Coffeeholic? Coffee~love.


Fjordan Allego said...

pareho tayo, hindi rin ako umiinom ng kape bago magcollege. As in super hate ko yung lasa. pero nung nag college ako, dahil na rin siguro sa puro over night, ayun, nahilig na ako sa kape hanggang sa ngayong nagtatrabaho na rin ako..

dylan said...

i just can't resist when it comes to coffee.. 3-4 cups a day, that's my dosage :)

the donG said...

i do drink but occasionally. i still prefer hot chocolate or hot vanilla drink.

Miles said...

same here... i super love coffee. to the point na i dont drink coffee dahil i ave to stay awake but because i just want to. :D

attyjurita said...

hi...well before i dont want to drink coffee kasi.. dou mabango sya pag nasa cup kaso sa mouth hindi masyado...pero ngaun i love it na dapat atleast once a day meron akong dose ng kape...

Anonymous said...

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