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I've always thought of singing as a way of expressing oneself. Being able to come up with words and expressions in a melody is what makes music to me. I love singing. For me, singing is like letting out the feelings and emotions that stuff me; emotions that don't seem to have other avenues for expression but music. And that's what the series GLEE is all about.

I started watching Glee two weeks ago, and it's somehow managed to bring me to enthusiasm next to Heroes and Prison Break. Just as every show is unique in its own way, Glee is something different from the usual genre I watch. I was never fond of comedy and musical series not until Glee and its music. Everything about Glee is just like an orchestra to me hitting every note right! Haha. True enough, the series relates itself to the everyday realities in life. With its sensible music and drama, Glee touches the human frailty in us that we sometimes miss owing to our overfamiliarity with the life we define by ourselves.

The wonderful thing about Glee is its brilliant attempt to link reality's everything to the essence of music: passion, confidence, love, friendship, happiness, family, dedication, relationships, pain, sorrows, and how we swallow our pride. Laughing with the characters will eventually make you weep as the series progresses from episode to episode.

Music is what we make of the emotions of our hearts. And, just as what the show seemingly speaks to itself, life is a GLEE; everything hindering that GLEE has to be set free--through music. ^^

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