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Saturday, November 14, 2009

...been enjoying the 4th season of Heroes
...always out with BK and Titus, and I'm always at Cafe Evada and Cafe Noriter
...I study whole day...and I go out with my friends the whole night.
...I'm currently rotated at the psychiatry ward and I'm enjoying it! Bwahaha new tutees are Brody and Amy
...I failed Research I and I'm retaking it this semester to graduate next year!
...My laptop's finally fixed
...My new housemate is Philip; my former housemate left for a bigger space since his father is coming
...I'm currently broke
...I'm gonna sign up for the music team at church, haha
...Establishing and reinforcing the young men at church - having fun time and fellowships with them
...trying to keep lists of things-to-do and crisscrossing them faithfully praying and hoping for greater things to come through His name! woah, the year's ending!!! kk

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