Casaroro Falls

7:48 PM

For the record, I had my fourth set of 330 steps to see the Casaroro falls gushing through 70-80 something feet. Whew! The plummet was sure still torturous, but wow, the place was worth it. I still had the same unchangeable impression since the last three visits I've had of the place. I couldn't help but all the more get captivated of how splendid the waterfall is in the recesses of Valencia. Praise God for such beauty!

I went there with Moses and Daniel yesterday. We rented two motorbikes. I had Daniel mounted on mine, while Moses trailed after us on another bike. Valencia is one great municipality set 45 minutes away from Dumaguete. Considerably a peaceful community of more than a thousand households, its humble establishments, luscious delicacies, and of course the scenic landmarks (which includes Casaroro Falls) draw a number of foreigners from its nearby urban.

Actually, going to Casaroro Falls is really quite a trail. The road is hardly crossable and the descent is, again, torturous! Maybe because of its exceptional beauty, people still go through the steep trek, going up, then going down, and through the green terrains to see the rock formations, enjoy the water and relax with its surrounding lush greenery.

For a novice, these are the first few shots of my camera.

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