How To Train Your Dragon

11:02 PM

The whole concept of fire-breathing dragons would have flopped if it weren't for Hiccup and Toothless who surely made the movie hilariously and enjoyably watchable. Though it would have been greater in 3D, it still made its way too impressing for the viewers to watch not only once but twice --- like me ^_^.

The movie takes us away amongst the endless telltales and versions on dragons. The dragon legend is creatively enlivened by every scene of the movie. Personally, I enjoyed gluing my eyes over Toothless and earring on semantics that was convincingly Viking.

Other than all the classifications of dragons, the storyline is also a pleaser. It is simply detailed, comprehensibly sequenced, and direct to the affection of the young and old watchers alike. The lines are well-worded, and the punchlines are hitting. The only thing that appalled me was the dragon boss which barely howled its monstrosity than its despicable ugliness.

It's a crowd pleaser. It's recommendable to families and to those looking for a good watch to unwind. It's got plenty of lessons and touchy lines that'll add up to your life learnings. And prepare those thumbs for one big UP.

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