The Holy Week Recipe

3:19 PM

Binignit is a vegetable stew we Filipinos prepare when fasting during the Holy Week. It is a mixture of water, coconut milk, pearl sago, banana, ube (purple yam), kamote (sweet potato), and of course the tapioca. Sweetened by brown sugar, it is simmered until everything is tender and the whole mixture is thick and sticky! The amount of brown sugar or coconut milk maybe adjusted until taste is desirable. Then, it is served hot. This recipe is of Cebuano origin. Some people from Luzon call it "GINATAANG HALO-HALO" -- as what my 13 year old niece (who hails from Quezon City by the way) told me while I was savoring a bowl of it today. "Parang halo-halo lang yan na mainit eh"

Holy Week in the Philippines is a week-long holiday. It would mean closed shops and empty streets (especially on Good Friday). So, I'm stuck at home. Having nothing to do but loiter online, I've had 4 bowls of THE HOLY WEEK RECIPE consumed today while Facebook-ing and blog hopping. I think we're quite lucky today that the blackout hasn't come yet, so I've got my hands on the keyboards since I woke up. There's still much of the BINIGNIT left, want a bite?

This is a late post.

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