Lyu, Lee, Edera, and the Sandwich

11:59 PM

April 23, 2010 (The Night After Siquijor)

Meet Lyu Beom Sik, a.k.a Titus, my closest Korean friend as of these days (after conflicts and departures of some), the friendly type, fun and cool-to-be-with. The other guy with the cap is Lee Hun Seok, a.k.a Richard (but I just prefer calling him Hun), the silent type Korean, calm and serene. Then Joanna, our church training admin. The Korean guys are older than me so I call them HYEONG (형). Well, Joanna Edera is a Filipina; she's a year younger than me and she calls me Kuya (KOO-YA), LOL ?_?

Anyway, after a tour around The Island of Fire, Titus brought me, Hun, and Joanna to Big J's, for the most sumptuous foot-long sandwich (PHP45) I've ever tasted in my life (OA!). It's got some leafy veggies, a sunny side-up egg cut in half, a handful cheese, and of course the foot-long hotdog all-together sandwiched by 2 doles of foot-long bread, layered by mustard, mayonnaise, and ketchup. Perfect! I really love the taste, and it's the greatest sandwich I've had yet!

After that night, I decided to do some tweaks over our foot-long moments, hehe.

Playing in Adobe Lightroom Lightroom Presets

Lightroom Preset: Direct Positive

Lightroom Preset: Cyanotype

Lightroom Preset: Selenium Tone

Lightroom Preset: Direct Positive

Lightroom Preset: Black and White High Contrast

Adobe Lightroom has helped me enhance poorly taken photos. It's got an easy-to-navigate control settings and toolbar. Plus, photos that lacked exposure upon the take becomes incredibly clear when altered through the Lightroon Presets, just as how I did with the original photo of this blog's header.I love foot-long sandwiches. I love Lightroom Presets ^_^

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