Mindanao: State of Calamity.

9:31 PM

I forgot about this; I shouldn't have come home after all.

Mindanao has been having recurrent blackouts since earlier this year. The whole power supply in Mindanao is being manufactured through hydroelectric power plants, and without the water ---it's nothing. Since El Nino's been diffusing scorching heat for the past few months, the water level in the dams has dried down that hydroelectricity has been scarcely supplied to households and business establishments alike. Power would've already been a total absence if not for the government's intervention to send some power generating facilities.

In our place, electricity is being supplied by the waterfalls of Maria Cristina which is located in Iligan City, an hour drive away from our place. The blackout strikes everyday for 4-5 hours. In some places like in Davao, blackouts happen 2 to 3 times for 3-4 hours.

But then, I had totally forgotten about this issue while I was in Dumaguete. Mindanao has been in a state of calamity since early this March as declared by the government. Generators are selling best this season, but my mom is even hardly tempted. She said she can endure the blackouts that last 4-5 hours a day. But I think I can't.

Arriving at the comforts of our home, I suddenly realized how boring my few-days stay would be especially that it's Holy Week. My mom informed me that the blackouts usually hit in the afternoon. So, I've been thinking of good reads to help me through the week. I've got some unread books in my room, and maybe I can walk around for a few shots around downtown. I don't know when this "calamity" ends. All that I'm sure of is that Dumaguete is completely power-supplied, and that I'm gonna watch the much-awaited Clash of the Titans on Sunday! YEAH!!!!

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