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2:30 PM

These clips were taken out from the 4th episode of South Park's 14th Season. Made me ROFL & LMAO! But seriously, the episode's got some things to tell to people conjoining themselves with Facebook and compromising real life, real friends, and real money. I admit. I've been putting away some things for the sake ofFacebook, and you've got to give me a nudge of agreement about it too -- 'cause I'm sure you guys have gone over changing your habits since Facebook set in, haha -- but not to the point of throwing a life! Haha. I downloaded the episode with a torrent I got from Demonoid. Very hilarious indeed especially that it hits Facebook as its primary subject and object of hilarity, nyahaha. You might also want to watch the full episode at South Park Studios I love South Park! I guess you've got to watch it while you wait for your crops to grow on Farmville (I'm so glad I didn't try Farmville). ^_^

Friends shouldn't be some kind of commodity for a person's status

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