To Jacob and Edward

12:36 AM

To Jacob and Edward,

You have to admit that I'm hotter than the two of you. I know Bella loves you, but she loves me most. It's like an ant (Jacob) and an anay (Edward) against an elephant (me). OK? Bella just doesn't want to admit it for now, because she's waiting for the perfect-est-est-est time to break your temperature-dependent hearts big time! RAWR!


P.S. If you're not hot, you're a vampire, and if you're below freezing point, you shine like a fairy and you die a manikin! Edward, I think you're a fairy. You glitter too much. And Jacob, enough with the steroids! You're becoming a naughty green-minded werewolf na.

Bella's coming home to Dumaguete to tell me the rest of THE BATTLE thingy because I think it was the most depressing part of the movie. Uhmmm---I'm sorry but is it considered a movie? It was a really total Eclipse to me like I didn't even bother to see the rest of it after Edward brought Bella to that overly flowered field which I thought was his fairyland. And JACOB, for the last time, please buy some T-shirts!

Just reread the book and wait for the DVD or the DVD-RIP at Demonoid or Isohunt -- wahaha


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