Amazing Grace in 50 languages

2:37 PM

July, 23, 1010.

Everything was made possible through God.

We just caught media's attention though it was not intended for them. Witnessing such a rapturous worship in different languages was a thrill and a blessing to me at the same time.

I'm sharing this video in hope of also sharing the same blessing this event imparted to me. A lot of things happened during the 3-day every Nation World Conference Held in Manila last July 22-24. The videos you're about to see are highlights that speak of unity in worship of the One True God beyond the tangible differences in tongue and tribe.

I believe, with all my heart, it's the same picture that will happen one day when God splits the skies and returns to redeem His people...when we all bow down in the Spirit of worship. God bless. ^^

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