Not so Despicable Me.

10:27 AM

Some movies come out late here in Dumsville; and I'm used to it. So for the sake of feeling up-to-date and getting in touch with the big screen, we watched Despicable Me yesterday.

Contrary to the usual movie reviews I read prior to watching the movie, Despicable Me is actually not even near despicable. It's just too cute!! Gru was vile but I was not carried away with it. What really got me laughing throughout the movie were Gru's yellow minions and Agnes...and Steve Carell's voice acting. This movie gave us a lot to think and laugh more about after it ended. Despite its almost despicable story line, all I could say is that the movie writer sure knew how to tickle his audience. It's not just the kind of movie you want to watch all over again though.

"It's so fluffy!!! I'm gonna die!"

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