So Far - 2011 Recap

12:53 AM

2011 is halfway through.
How has your year been so far?


Quite fun, and I'm happy to have been with the people I love.

Although I have mostly been idle, procrastinated, and less productive for many days of this year hitherto, I remain hopeful for productivity and something MORE better things to come for the rest of the year. There shall be storms and shakening, but everything stays and goes in God, with God, for God. He stays more faithful than I do and He's bigger than what this year might give me. So I've got to start earning and saving up for my future wife and family! Connect? Haha.

There are just too many things to backtrack, but I'll work on individual posts of my year's highlights thus far. I'm still idle (wake-eat-sleep cycle, jobless-tambay-mode, job-applications-kuno). So for the next few days, I might as well blog what went on for the rest of my blogging absences. :P

While 2009 and 2010 are 2 of my best years to date, I'm hopeful for this year to store me up with something vivid and wonderful to think about by the next years ahead.

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