One More Month TO GO!

Thursday, December 01, 2011

I've met so many people in just a span of 5 months!! Amazing...because they're all great for keeps! I need not mention the names, you know who you are. Having spent those unrepeatable times with people God set me to meet is utterly a blessing and a gift I didn't regret to have. I'm very much grateful to everyone who consented to make these moments (in the picture) happen and to now consider it unforgettable and cherished. THANK YOU! Cheeeeesy! Pero seryoso me. Hihi.

Dunno what's in store for me this December.
But I'm always hopeful, prayerful, and positive which we all should be...
...for greater things to come for the last 31 days of 2011!

THEN 2012! Woooooooah!

All for the Lord!






So Far- 2011 Recap
Five months ago, I posted a series of picture collages representing each month of the midyear, recapping how 2011 has been so far for me. January-June


Chyng said...

wow bayview, oceanpark, intramuros..
andito ka pala, di ka nagparamdam.. sawa ka na ba sa krispy kreme? ^_^

Anonymous said...

Oi! May new post! hehe..

Nice to meet you, Sendo! FINALLY! kahit ilang oras lang, at least nagkita-kita tayo.

Mukhang enjoy tlga ang 2011 natin ah. Merry Christmas!

Sendo said...

@chyng -- oy hindi ah. binanatan ko pa rin ung krispy kreme when i was there...ansaya saya na nga eh..kasi me mas malapit ng krispy kreme..nasa cebu bwaha. pag gusto ko mag snacks punta lang me ng cebu for Krispy Kreme tapos uwi na...hahaha sosyal haha

Bino said...

AYUN OH!! may post!!! nice meeting u ulit :D

My Nomadic Habits said...

chutyal oi! anhi lang cebu para mag krispy kreme. paramdam f ma saag ka sa cebu.

Hoobert the Awesome said...


I got to say that your blog rocks.

Neat. Organized. Hipper. OC. Haha. I'm just kidding with the OC part.

It seems that your 2011 is very exciting. Well, sakin ganun din. But this quarter, it is so boring talaga. Grrrr. Hahaha.

Cheers to 2012!