My Bucket List

Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails."Proverbs 19:21

Backed-up the list to my phone just in case the written version gets lost.

I've scribbled a lot of things on my bucket list a few weeks ago. I contemplated. Read. Prayed. At first, I actually couldn't think of anything certain. I've planned a few things last year that I would do this year, but then, I got a little dicey about it. Few more things came in. I was not really sure if I'd write them. I was actually not sure if I could do them this year.

So, I decided to keep things simpler and more realistic. And by simpler, I mean possibly doable in 12 months. Last year, I wrote oodles of to-do these and those. By the end of that year, the list almost didn't look any different. There were a few things crisscrossed, but blah, it was 90% all the same. But that really didn't occur disappointing. A few other good things covered those up (Defense Mechanism 101). So, my 2011 was still satisfying (Ego Secured).

This year, I want a bucket list fully emptied. Or maybe yet 80-90% emptied. Before I inked those papers full, I remembered a verse by King Solomon from Proverbs.

"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails."Proverbs 19:21

I prayed. Scribbled the following. Then prayed.
(the rewritten version)

#2 Get a girl! Oh-ha! That's an order! Haha.

Earn 20k! I work online; all my living expenses are free. At ang dami kong gustong bilhin! Kaya go!

And oh yeah! I'm just waiting for October! I've got tickets to Busan, South Korean a'ready! Weeeee

This year, it is my prayer that my bucket list won't overflow with selfish desires. His love should lead me through.

Signed, sealed, Jesus, it's yours!

And I will seek God's kingdom first before all these things shall be added unto me. - Matthew 6:33


khantotantra said...


hopefully you will achieve your bucketlist.

Go travel tapos i-post mo sa blog. :D

Chyng said...

hangdaming goals! at may s.korea talaga!

ok yung earn 20K, pero better yung SAVE 20K. =)

Will said...

I wish the best of luck to whatever it is that you're all set to do. :)

Anonymous said...

I have the same bucket list every year.. and I'm proud to say na nagawa ko ang iilang activities na nasa listahan ko. Yay! :D

Parang gusto kong i-add yung basic French, water rafting and swimming with whale sharks.. or better yet, great whites. aaaaah!

Sendo said...

andami ko palang goals noh? hahaha PERO GO!!!!! we can do this!!! haha ^^

@chyng - ahw oo ng anoh..hehe pero sa work ko gusto ko maabot ung 20k na salary na walang bawas..meron kasi un eh hehe....we can do this hehe

Anonymous said...

And I will seek God's kingdom first before all these things shall be added unto me. - Matthew 6:33

that's the spirit!

and its nice that you have these things that you wanna do, hehe

ako major2 yung mga gusto ko, bilang na bilang sa daliri, hehehehe


Unni said...

20k a month ako din lol....
gora sa MT.APO hehe,,,
kita nlng ta sa KOREA haha,,jokes...
wag na taung kumain para pumyat haha,,,

bibilhan kita ng maraming durian kendi pag nakapunta ka ng cambodia lol :P

YOW said...

Nalula ako. Ang dami! Hahaha. I wanna read the bible twice, too! Yan muna tutuparin ko.

Sendo said...

@yow ---yes's a yearly commitment ^_^ to read and know the Lord more go go go

Unni --- sige tara....pero pag anha nako davao pangayuan tikag daghang durian jud

@Aurelius ---oh God's kingdom first... ^^

Rah said...

very interesting list :) and i know that eventually, matutupad lahat ng nasa list mo :) sabi nga ng paborito kong motto: man belongs to where he wants to go :) Ciao :)

McRICH said...

just believe and everything you desire will surely manifest in your life!

Batang Lakwatsero said...

wow. ayos ang bucket list. good luck sa trips.. buti pa yung sulat mo maganda, yung akin kinalaykay ng manok :)

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Wow, 2nd sa list yung "get a girl" ah. :-)

Well, sana magawa mo nga yang mga naa listahan mo. Pero huwag kang ma-disappoint if you fail. Marami naman kasing dumadating sa buhay natin na pumipigil sa atin na gawin yung mga gusto nating gawin.

I don't do bucket list. Tamad ako eh. I take on whatever blessings or trials that come.

eden said...

good luck, Sendz.. sana matupad mo ang lahat na yan.

salamat sa visit.

Hoobert the Awesome said...

Hey Sendong, good luck sa to-do list mo this year! Ako din meron. Nakakatawa nga 'cos gumawa din ako ng list ko last year pero at the end of the year, ang konti konti ng nagawa ko. Halos lahat ay fail or partial success. HAHAHA. So this year, seryoso talaga ako. I/we can do this!

Ikaw gustong magbawas ng timbang. Ako naman nagpapataba. Hay. Akin na lang excess weight mo. :D

And master Korean and Japs talaga? Good luck dyan bro. Ang hirap niyan. Ako nga learning Bisaya lang, nahihirapan nako. HAHAHA. Pero kelan ba deadline mo nito?

In fairness, dami mong dream destinations this year. And handaming international trips. Winner!

At new DSLR? E kanino yang nasa DP mo?

itsyaboykorki said...

cool imma do my own list as well :]

Angel said...

Having read your own list and watched the movie Bucket List, it makes me wanna create my own bucket list! Ganda! Hope you'll be able to fulfill and empty the bucket!

Anyways,I wanna share you this award coz I found you and your blog dearest! Here's the link:

Milady said...

Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]