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This movie could have actually gone finer if some other elements were melded nicely in it, and if some scenes were shot still for at least---say 1 minute---and not like an almost never-ending carousel. Nonetheless, I still really liked the movie overall probably because Jennifer Lawrence was so pretty she's the pitch-perfect resemblance of the trilogy's Katniss Everdeen. No spoilers onward.

I was really excited to watch this movie the same way I felt reading and learning Katniss' thoughts on texts. This is the kind of story I've long wanted to read, survival-of-the-fittest: kill or be killed. How awesomely cool is that! Nyaha. And now it's come to life!

The last time I read a book and rushed to the movie there and then (like a boss!) was that same time Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire spawned me to. The Hunger Games is just the book of my fondness. Got glued ever, irremovable, addicted! And now it's brought me to that same moment Potter swished his wand on me to watch him win the Triwizard Tournament. My id was so hungry I had to rush to the nearest city (4-hour drive) showing the movie simultaneously with the whole world. There, I finished and satisfied my id, all smiles as I watched the book come to life before me. No dismay. Awesome really! Awesome! I wish I was in that arena too!!

Just as I've impressed beforehand, the movie has some misses some readers may have held grudge on. Nah, to me, those misses are just so-so. I was contented with the movie since all the necessary essentials of the book were nearly perfectly condensed to just the right two-hour and a half film where----despite every action scene being like a big ball of hay rolling from that same valley in the arena----the director has really been very faithful to the book, to Collins and the readers. And that is how this movie matters to me. Although I was all smiles watching Katniss survive the whole thrill, I couldn't help thinking about how shaky what supposedly would have been great highlights of the film. I understand the suspense and excitement that have to go along with it, but I got dizzy for some moments there. I also felt like some of the most interesting and dramatic scenes were pretty short, not enough, especially that "feast" scene.

And yes as usual, the likes of me who's read the book would nibble on some scrutiny between the fine lines of it and the movie and end up blurting about the disparities of the latter to the former. Certainly, there were several significant things from the book that should have been in the movie. Some scenes were pretty fast and meager in details that would leave non-reading watchers clueless. But whatever, the good points still countermand all those. The director has done a pretty good job of reimagining the tale into the big screen. Pretty solid Katniss, credible juxtaposition between the impoverished and the affluent (District 12 and the Capitol), untarnished focus on the lead, great casting and acting, and the most intelligent way to make up the need for internal thoughts to fit in the movie (because the whole trilogy is told in first-person perspective) ----thanks to Cesar Flickerman.

Since I'm not that too much of a critic; I really found the shortcomings of the movie not big-a-deal, almost unnecessary to blurt about. Maybe because I'm so in love with Katniss Everdeen and Jennifer Lawrence now, the movie seems so fine I'm willing to watch it 'til the Rapture. And I've only written this because I can't help it! I've been so filled to the brim about this movie and the book and the movie and the book and the movie I can do this forever.

Like what my friend said, The Hunger Games is like PBB: Battle Royal Edition. We'd train for years to join in for the next seasons.

And oh yeah, when Katniss got out from the arena, we've been keeping in touch a lot lately...intimately...probably infinitely. We're bringing down the Capitol together in "Catching Fire" and "Mockingjay" later. 

 So what did you think about the movie? I score it 9.5 and will watch it again nth times. :)

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