The Freaky Encounter of a Screaming Puppy.

2:15 AM

Aki, my puppy, lives at a comfy puppy bed by the porch. A few minutes ago, it let out a scream that sounded like all hell just broke lose. Everyone at home awoke to its ear-splitting cry. The older dogs lodged in by the gate barked frantic to it. I saw Aki at one corner, seated by the door, shivering, and unrelentingly letting out the scream even at our sight. I was afraid to go near him. It took him 15 seconds to quiet down at my shoo. Honestly, I freaked out to see Aki shivering and screaming like that. It was like "AW AW AW AW AW AW AWWWW AWWWWWWAWWWWW" to the highest pitch a human being could ever make up. I didn't know a 2-month old puppy could scream that loud. Aki could make a good burglar alarm. But he rarely barks. I've never actually heard him let out a bark at all---even a tiny bit. He just cries gently when he's hungry, displeased, or when he needs a toilet break. So that scream was definitely the strangest thing to hear from the smallest member of the family.

I picked him up as he calmed down. I then looked around and checked his body for bite marks or wounds to see if something could have actually triggered him to scream that crazy. But there weren't any. All I could find was Aki's puppy food container spilled all over the floor.

I don't really know what happened. The surroundings failed to show me any signs of unusualities that could've triggered the scream. I couldn't help but think about the worst. About burglars coming in, or snakes prowling furtively, ghosts, vampires, or Sponge Bob pointing a gun to Aki. But since our older dogs, Buddy and Naruto, didn't seem to have rattled to something stranger than Aki's cry, I knew my search for culprits was futile. I kept looking around for one last round and still found nothing noteworthy of that suspicion. My pup probably just missed me.

So after I petted him to repose, I laid him to his bed, left out of sight, and slid the door closed. A few seconds later, it let out a cry, the usual one that I hear when he begs for food or wants to be played or coddled. The gentle version. Level 1. I paid no heed to the begging sound and watched him. Then it started scratching the door screen as the wails grew louder. One minute. Two minutes. It cried. It would stop for a few seconds to sniff around. Then again to the screen for more crying and begging. It wanted to come in so badly, so I gave in and let him in. I knew the crying would stop only to realize that he didn't actually want to stay at the porch for the night. Probably too many mosquitoes. Or maybe, something worse to resort to avoidance.

With so many rumors and controversies moving through the air, my mind brought me up to a likely reason to blame for the woeful cry. This time, I'm skeptic to say the least. I freaked out to the thought to it. But, it's the only thing my mind's capable to settle of right now. I'm sleepy -_-

I hate to say this.
But I think.
Aki has just had

a personal encounter

with either....


Aki is now sleeping by my desk where I'm typing this as he opted to. He actually used to sleep in my room prior to this, but since he's come to the period of shedding hair to the air and to our lungs (as how the vet would have likely explained in a creative manner), I had temporarily fixed up his puppy bed by the porch like a deluxe suite in a puppy's perspective. He's now at peace with whatever frightened him to flee all the demons away and wake the neighborhood up. And he's staying in my room for the night. He's even letting out brief, tiny sobs even asleep. Is it possessed by some bad puppy spirits or something? Blah, I'm sleeping!

Based on a true story

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