The Travel Buddy

2:12 AM

Find out what THE TRAVEL BUDDY is about with the video below. :)
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The Travel Buddy is fresh and young. Space is still being filled up.
It's up and running with more updates to follow soon. :)

I was always afraid to try out a travel blog. I had planned this last January, and was always hesitant to publish it or not. But it's now open. And I'm thankful to my friends who continually encourage me to go on with it as they enjoy watching me goofing around and acting stupid, haha. And to God for giving me funds for the [dot] ORG. My new blog is still young and the spaces aren't that filled yet. I'm still trying to gain traffic, since I'm planning and praying to make it bigger and wider in scope later. More content updates will follow soon. :) Mission, vision, reasons, purposes, motives, all posted in the website. :)

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