Engage: Thailand + Malaysia

12:11 AM

11 Days in 137 Seconds: Engage: Thailand + Malaysia.

A rundown of the things I saw, the places I visited, the food I ate, the people I met, the cultures I blended in with, the languages I tried to speak, the lessons I've learned, and the great memories for keepsake. Life is great! There's a lot of the world to know. Engaging one nation at a time. Keep travelling. Keep learning. :)

I've learned a lot of things about travelling and culture and people and the essence of life. Everything that happened the past 11 days has overwhelmed me so much that I have thought of some things into more depth, of things I had never considered about before, and of what there is to life and what the world has to offer. I feel like I have now become more eager to want to stretch my limits and not think much of what I'm not capable to do but focus more on the resources and potential to go across cultures and learn, and eventually make a difference in this world I have to live just once. The possibilities are endless.

Stories to follow later.

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