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Saturday, November 24, 2012

What a shame! I'm a lazy writer haha. No, I'm not a writer. Just. This. Just. Me. Haha. Lazy.
Not yet done with the Thailand posts huh, but here is a video of how all my friends spoiled me in South Korea. Wasn't really able to capture video clips of all the places I've been to but here's a glimpse of what and how the Land of the Morning Calm brought me in awe in the name of food and culture. Beyond the KPOP we all know. The first place off my home country that made me cry :) Char!

Hey Korean friends, your country's awesome, huh? Thanks a million! Here's to that :)

Blog posts...soon hahaha. :P BOO!
It's your turn. Go to South Korea!!! :)


fiel-kun said...

hmmm... dalawa ung comment box mo? isa for nuffnangx...

anyways, kaaliw ung south korean vid mo. talagang nakapagsuot ka ng Hanbok while dancing Gangnam Style wahehehe!

ang sarap din nung mga Korean foods na pinakita mo sa video and the panoramic scenes of South Korea is simply breath taking.

don't forget my pasalubong when you get back home!


Jhordan Kee said...

Sarap naman ng experience na yan sa Korea at yung pagkain mukhang masarap. Sana lang di sobrang anghang.

Dong Ho said...

pamapagutom pala to. hahaha... cheers to a great year in 2013.