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I love spontaneous people! Haha. Given that Siquijor is just less than an hour away from Dumaguete by fast craft, a sudden decision for a daytrip is definitely doable. Well on that Monday of the holy week, I and some of my church friends decided to go for it.

It was actually out of itinerary the day before it became impromptu. We originally planned to go to Palaypay Falls in Pamplona which is 1.5 hours away from Dumaguete by bus. But I spoiled it. I woke up late. And I was late for 2 hours. Plus, only a few people came for it. Since Siquijor is nearer and they thought pushing through the plan wouldn't make up for the time lost, everyone decided to go for Siquijor. That was before me saying yes. And it was Carlo's main idea! Haha. The 5 younger guys with me had never been to Siquijor that time, and it was a good chance to break it. Since I am way older than them, I hold the responsibility to make the final decisions. After my yes over the phone, they hanged and bought the tickets without further ado. Lol. That made us spontaneous for a while.

With not much time in hand, we only made it to Cambugahay and Salagdoong making sure we'd spend most of our time there without much hurry. It was quick. Yet it did seem like the rest of the gang had a lot of fun. Having been to Siquijor a lot of times, I knew I didn't feel as much excitement as they did then.

But I thought that being with them, the whole thing was a different kind of fun. Same old place (which I never get tired of), different company, much more fun!

I've always loved Siquijor for its simplicity. The white sands all over the island and the rest of its unrefined panorama need not be overplayed and effortful to make it pretty. The naturalness of of it all is just wonderful and great enough. Light, simple, azure, green, beautiful. I wish it stays the same for the years to come.

Orvyn and Carlo enjoyed the cliff jumps. They thought it was sissy of me for not having jumped at that time. I just didn't feel like jumping. Blah! Jumped from there several times years ago. Nah. I'm old. Excuses. Haha.

The bad thing about this spontaneous trip though was the last boat bound to Dumaguete. It got stuck for 3 hours in the pier for some problems not really that clear to us. There was something wrong with how they docked. Lol. Blah. Dunno what it was; but the fact that we got stuck for 3 hours was kinda annoying. We cooled down doing the usual stuff we do to get by with something annoying --- make fun and annoy each others instead. Sad thing actually 'coz we missed the party we were all invited for that night. And missed the lechon! Sayang man!

Meanwhile, the sunset + the moonrise helped us forget the time wasted and the thought of lechon. Pure beauty!

We're not just spontaneous; we're fun and loving to one another. Look at that age gap! For Charmaine and I at near mid-20's, to hang-out with 14, 16, 17 year olders is now rare, haha. Uhm, well for Myeong the Korean, looks are deceiving coz he is actually 21. Can't get over with my teenage years. Plus, I love engaging with the younger generation. The next generation!

Total money spent: PHP535.
240 - boat fare, back and forth
30 - terminal fees
150 - tricycle fare
15 - salagdoong entrance
100 - food

Siquijor 2013

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