The Worship Team

3:55 AM

These are some of the guys in the worship team of our church. I'm always blessed to have these people around on Saturday rehearsals and Sunday worship services. It just excites me to see them, talk with them, and outserve one another in the ministry. Fun and refreshing as we make it a point to meet and remind one another that what skills we have is all for the glory of Jesus. Never about us. We're not perfect but we all live and worship by the same God that refreshes us week by week. Despite our differences in background and character, we step out as a bunch of salt and light to the world. I remember one guy from the Tech Ministry saying that if not for the grace of God, we'd all fall out even by the smallest corrections. So I keep thanking God for keeping us together. Such a great humble team. Despite our busy lives and schedules. Well I guess it's because we all function by the same Spirit. Carry on!

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