With Everything.

3:54 AM

The measure of God's sovereignty is beyond superlatives and the universe combined and amplified . Apart from the understanding that we can never fully understand and grasp the depth of His greatness, faithfulness, wonder, mercy, grace, love, we can never experience nor execute worship that is fully His. We HAVE TO let go all of us and all that we are even the tiniest bit of us that holds back. Then we let God. So that not only at this moment, but day by day may we respond in surrender to who He is in all His splendor and glory and sovereignty. Surrender in this sense is not in any way an act and declaration of defeat. It is a response to the greatness that's been revealed to that wonderful, perfect love through The Cross that all we can ever do and think of is yield, give in to whatever we are and whatever we have, because we're overpowered by love and mercy and grace and of eternal victory and freedom and life everlasting. Not about us, nor for us, nor up to us. It's for Him, about Him, and up to Him. -And so that we are able to lift God up with everything, we are to pray the same prayer David prayed: God, Lord, Sovereign One, teach us more and more and more of You day by day, your decrees, Your being Lord of all, so we may give out the praise and worship You're all worth of. [Psalm 119:171]-

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