The Year In Retrospect

8:14 AM

So the year ended, and I only got a handful of stories posted; everything else is nay. One reason why I made this video is to tell about the untold and to thank everyone who was part of my year. I really hope I get to tell stories and inspire people more with my misfortunes and blog it here regularly this year. I don't brag but I get a lot of praises from my trips which give plenty of people the wonder how I do it. So I just say.... JUST DO IT. There's nothing really special about it. It's just between you and your guts to go out there and see for yourself. The world is huge baby. Nyaha.

Twenty-fourteen was the year of the great transition and the great outdoors. Of my dear love for mountains and oceans and the skies. It was the year of my great appreciation to people who were meant to come and make a difference in my life. Cheers to 2015! To more fun and laughter and to stories of overcoming everything in between. To hindrances and obstacles, see you at the finish line. THANK YOU!! ;)

Credits: Tim McMorris - A Beautiful Life

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